D.V.S : Because


Derek VanScoten, from Brooklyn, USA , has in his own words tried to tresspass into dangerous territory, a.k.a trying to remix a hallowed Beatles’ song. While some purists may have an issue with that sort of thing, if the world operated according to just their whims and fancies, we probably wouldn’t be communicating via this medium right now. I live in a city where the transformation from the old to the new is gradually taking place and juxtaposed amongst monuments of Prussian glory is suddenly something as audacious as the Humboldt Box (google it). And you know what, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the city landscape. If anything, it adds character…Tasteful mixing of the old and new may add a few quirks, provide a few laughs and give things a much needed jolt of freshness, which is exactly what this remix does. It doesn’t try to enhance the old or better it in any way. It is simply an interesting take, a lot of fun and with a unique flavor like a chilli chocolate:

it is a free download too ;)!

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