Park Planet: Circles


We would like to round off this month and this week with this superbly mixed, beautifully composed, hauntingly melancholic and awesomely sung track by Park Planet (Glasgow based, introduced by us in January). My mind and my music player are both going around in circles with this track on repeat all evening. Sip your Macallan, munch some crisps, sink deep inside your couch and let the sound lazily surround you:

TinyTiny : Coyote

Although fake Fried Chicken may be the most famous export from their surroundings, Kentucky based indie group TinyTiny are looking up to a real Coyote to transport their melodically lazy selves through the haze and maze of wherever.. Colonel’s secret recipe be damned, I am going with good old mushrooms for this one

Cosmic Dreamstate : Time Lapse


Just what the doctor ordered, to kill the intensity on a Friday night. Sit back, sip your poison, and let your mind wander without a care in the world:

Cosmic Dreamstate comprises Yves Johnson and he has collaborated with Matthew Martin for this track. Yves is based out of Surrey and this is just his first track posted half an hour ago on soundcloud. We wish him all the very best!



‘For De Gangene Jeg Skyter Deg’ translated from Norwegian as For those times that I shoot you by the spacepop band called Verdensrommet (Outer Space) goes through so many simultaneous moods, slowly chugging away at your sensibilities, playing with you, making you wonder (if you don’t understand Norwegian perhaps) as to what the ‘shooting’ means. Shoot you with a camera? Shoot you down with a look? Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the gunshots near the end of the track confirm your fears. Maybe then again, this is just metaphorically ending your worst nightmares or simply firing in self-defense when absolutely essential. The possibilities, while not endless are too many to get into details about. So, it is best to enjoy the many shades of this track which will at once jolt you to life and in the next second lull you to sleep as it slowly encompasses you and tightens its grip around you almost dragging you into sweet surrender, with your arms unwittingly wide open:

Verdensrommet started in 2011 as a songwriter project between Andreas Høvset and Vetle Vik Gundersen, who were both entering their final year at high school in Telemark. After recording a demo, they decided to give it to Matias Tellez at his band, Young Dreams’, gig in Oslo that summer. He liked it, and invited Andreas and Vetle to Bergen to record the songs in his studio. In addition to their latest song posted above, I was particularly impressed with the song ‘Nytt’ whose video and song link are posted below:



Derek Jordan is probably the luckiest man in a music band at the moment. He is the lone male in a 5 member band called Decoded. The lovely quintet of Heather Miller (Drums), Tevis Aubrey (Bass/backing Vocals), Angela Grant (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Amanda Gummel (Keyboard/Backing Vocals) complete the round up and thereby provide Derek the inspiration, motivation and most importantly, a solid musical platform for singing with utmost passion. The sound which is remniscent of the 90’s and early 2000’s alt rock, is interspersed with lyrics which question, throw light on and lightly mock various aspects of the popular celeb culture of our times. Think Barenaked Ladies meets Roxette or better still, don’t think anything at all and enjoy the tracks below:

Khaled Dajani


Welcome to the world of Khaled Dajani, where the rhythm of chaos reigns supreme, musical barriers come crashing down and the eastern and western influences harmonize to create a unique sound which is beautiful, powerful, evocative and has an ‘anxiety-induced-soothing-effect’, if you know what I mean. Hard rock, Spanish style guitar and Middle Eastern music elements into one explosive listening experience. His new album Luci is an 11-track concept album based on themes of temptation. Here are a few samples:

Ghost Hotel

ghost hotel

Some sexy melodramatic bedroom pop originating from Maryland, US! Ghost Hotel are Sam Paxton – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet, Synthesizer; Alison Crawford – Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer ; Dane Di Pierro – Electric Guitar; Matt Jachowski – Bass Guitar and Patrick Long – Drums, Percussion. That array of intrmuent must’ve already given you an idea of what to expect and rightly so, their debut album ‘Do You Feel It’ , with its synth pop influenced sounds and lazily brilliant harmonies reflects the sound of a band who just love making music together. The whole album, which is a sheer delight for the ears can be streamed at their bandcamp page: We would like to leave you with a couple of tracks that showcase Ghost Hotel’s awesomeness right here:


LA based hard funk band Stonefeather absolutely ace this song ‘hipster Girl’, which they released about a month ago. This is from their latest album ‘California Air’ and is arguably the most fun song we have featured in a while. With a great video, super catchy tune, exciting vocals, excellent sax work and a great overall mood to boot, this is just what the doctor ordered to dance those blues away. The band comprises Ian McCulluch, Zachary Kibbee and Dave Rundell. They seem nice :), so spread the word and buy their stuff.