Perilium a progressive rock band from Brisbane, comprising Nic Raffo and Kane Nadasdy have me stoked with a couple of the sounds they sent across. Optic 72, which is also the name of their album, starts out on a garagey/punk rockish note and then metamorphoses into what I would put as a blend of the styles seen on Metallica’s ‘Anywhere I roam’ and Prodigy’s Firestarter. Later on the song incorporates many more musical influences and seamlessly blends in to and out of many ‘disjointed-but-they-work-well- together’ riffs, which showcases the verasatility and desire for experimentation that they possess:

And then there is Lost Dreams, which has everything going for it. Great vocals, nice lyrics and a powerhouse vibe:

If you like what you hear, follow them on bandcamp and download their work or buy it for a fee of your choice

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