A Primitive Evolution

I shall start off the next series of blog posts with the very intense, dark and brooding trio from Toronto called ‘A Primitive Evolution’. Their latest full length album titled ‘The Prize’ has been out for some months now and after a couple of listens the apt phrase that comes to mind is ‘Tour de force’. Their passion for music and the overall experience, can be seen in the Alice-In_Wonderlandesque videos, the groove, tempo, deceptively great work on the percussion, little surprise riffs in the middle of songs which transcend an already good melody to another level, and I could go on and on. But, what really impressed me more than all this is the raw power, passion and emotion in the vocals. A Primitive Evolution are Brett Carruthers – Vocals and Guitars, Stephany Seki – Bass, Cello and Vocals, Stu Dead – Drums and Percussion. Have a listen and spread the word:

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