Monks of Mellonwah

The Monks of Mellonwah are a 4 member alternative rock band from Sydney, Australia. They have won a major award and created 3 albums in their slightly over three years old career thus far. They started out with a more funky sound reminiscent of John Butler Trio in their debut EP ‘Stars are out’ , and their second EP Neurogenesis started to blend incorporate influences from Modern Rock and a bit of psychedelia. Their third EP, which is to be released this April Fool’s day, shows the band drawing heavily from Floydian influences. The EP is titled Sky and the Dark Night , and is an applaudable attempt by the band to challenge themselves and pursue the treacherous path to greater glory. Have they found their feet with this genre yet? Not quite! But what they do display here is oodles of promise and boldness. I wish them all the very best and urge everyone to spread the word. Sometimes imperfections make for the best experiences:

Chords of Truth Remixed

Rarely do you come across music that reaffirms the belief  ‘Dancing is Meditation’. If seeking your inner self via channels other than digging your nose is your thing, then throw those overpriced CDs with sounds of Earth/Fire/Water etc out of the window, because nothing will soothe your mind and make your body sway to its natural rhythms like this latest double LP ‘Reflections of Reality (Remixed)’ from Chords of Truth Remixed (COTR 🙂 ahem). The genre is Folktronica and the sound incorporates a really broad spectrum of sub-genres ranging from country music to oriental or middle eastern rhythms to trap-step at times. The lyrics are apt, profound and more than anything else educational. They bring about awareness but also make you wonder. All in all, the artiste has something meaningful to say and does so gracefully, eloquently and in a very welcome understated fashion.
So a bit of information about the Band: COTR is the brainchild of folk singer/songwriter Jason Garriotte from the US. He came out with his debut EP Reflections of Reality in 2011 and at some point decided to embrace electronic music and collaborate with other music producers. This led to the birth of ‘COTR’. As a apart of this project the tracks from Jason’s debut EP have been tasetfully redone/re-edited/re-mastered using the combined creative genius of 14 music producers and we have the new double LP, which is the focus of this blogpost. It is fascinating to see so many perspectives and such a multitude of visions emanating out of a single melody. Without further ado, here are a couple of sample tracks:

If you like what you hear you can follow COTR on facebook or their website:

YPS: Eyes on Fire

2013-03-05 20.34.28

Another track worth its weight in gold from YPS. This YPS remix of Eyes on Fire by the Blue Foundation kicks some and then some more. It is layered like all the seven psychopaths from the movie rolled into one. I especially loved the end on this one,! Like it to download it for free:

Korbian – Levit8tion

2013-03-05 12.36.56

Korbian, aka Ian Nobbs, a deep and progressive House musician from Chelmsford, Britain has released his debut EP titled Levit8tion a fortnight ago. As he says ‘he is a self declared purveyor of tech, deep and progressive house’, this generally sums up the mood of the EP. I found it to be very warm, reflective, melodic and a moodsetter. It takes you to a higher plane, brings you back and shuffles you between stuff and dimensions tucked away in remote areas of your sub-conscious mind. The production quality is top notch and polished, nothing amateur on offer, in other words! So let us move on the the track, that Ian claims is the most representative of the EP:

Apart from his work on the EP, which can be bought on Beatport , he also recently remixed the track ‘Thinking about you’ from Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album. We found that the fusion of the Frank’s infectious chorus and Korbian’s progressive melody create a very catchy tech-trance-like vibe which works very well for this track. This is a dancefloor explosion waiting to happen:

The folksy comedies of Filthy Clyde

2013-01-27 01.42.35

This post will re-introduce Mr. Martin McCluskey from Port Glasgow, Scotland. And true to the flow of the region he comes from, he goes by the artistic name of Filthy Clyde. I guess the Clyde isn’t really filthy (with Scotland and their awesome whisky collection, the water might taste like a diluted Whyte n Mackay at worst and a Lagavulin at best). So the filth may be more metaphoric as are the songs from this supremely talented and absolutely original artiste. The music has a folksy vibe, the lyrics are satirical and humorous in a dark way. I cannot really think of influences except may be the Canadian band ‘Corky and the Juice Pigs’ to an extent. It isn’t catchy and it may not always follow a pattern, but largely this music, like a good Single Malt, is acquired taste. As a true connossieur of the great stuff, I love it:

Sam Page: Breach

2013-01-03 14.05.26

After a while we are back on the blogosphere with some timely Californian pop-rock, which to put it mildly is catchy as hell! Sam Page and I are on the ‘same page’ :), about the not taking yourself too seriously bit and that carefree quality adds something extra to the music. It is hard to put in words but it is like the awesome experience of eating a dish prepared by someone who just loves cooking and does not get lost in the precise quantity of ingredients to mix. With powerful guitar riffs, surreal melodies, and great vocals, it is hard to keep your head still. The fact that is so catchy, might make you sometimes dismiss the music as superficial, but repeated listening would drive it into your head that like a great Tiramisu, this one gets better with every layer.A delectable piece from Sam Page’s recently released album ‘Breach’ right here:

The whole album can be sampled and purchased for a tiny sum at . This website will also give you access to all his older work and social netword links to follow his on.