Wry Climate: Comfort Decay


Every once in a while there comes a song that you can listen to endlessly. A song that you never want should end! Some songs recognize their inherent quality of making an extended period of time seem like just a few seconds and go on for unusually long durations; like some of the Pink Floyd classics did. While some songs belong to the genre of keeping the supply tight, so that the demand is always high and the repeat option always stays checked. The song ‘Comfort Decay’ by New York based alternative rock group ‘Wry Climate’ belongs to the latter category. With dreamy guitars, mellow/muffled/enchanting vocals and a warm fuzzy rhythm, the music creates an atmosphere that feels like a soft warm blanket you want to immerse youself into to keep all the cold, bitterness and reality away. Indulge in some healthy dosage of escapism:

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