Hanne & Lorre


German musician/DJ duo of Hannes & Lorre have released some new tracks a fortnight ago. The high-flying moodsetters retain their trademark techhouse infused sound but incorporate a wide variety of unconventional effects and beats to set the dancefloor and your imagination on fire. Without much to say but just lots to admire let’s move to the listening bit:

The King of the Bees

2013-02-10 22.07.27

On Sunday evening I made a chance trip to the beautiful St. Gaudy’s cafe, tucked away in Berlin’s very own bohemian suburb of Prenzlauer Berg. After some delicious tacos and cous-cous, we proceeded to the very intimate music-hall of the premises. It would suffice to say that what followed was an evening of melody, pizzazz and razzmataz, due to a couple of very talented artistes performing that evening. One of them was ‘The King of the Bees’, a folkpop band from Saarbrücken, Germany. With an array of instruments enough to make them sound like a full-blown orchestra, they played delectable melodies that captivated everyone and made the ‘Bier-Bier’ taste even better than it was supposed to. Double Bass, harmonica, rhythm guitar, drums, xylophone, ukulele, a sort of rattle-snake sounding shaker and some stuff I can’t recall were all played intermittently by all three band members: Johannes Becker, Moritz Hertel & Martin Schwarz. If their music playing abilities were not brilliant enough already, what impressed me most was the troika of playful lyrics, Johannes’s awesome voice and his brilliant rendition of the vocals. It was one of the most neutral and therefore easy to understand accents that I have heard in a long time. This looks like a band to watch out for and worth buying entire albums of, because every track is a masterpiece on its own. Here are a few samples:

If you like what you here the band can be followed on bandcamp: http://thekingofthebees.bandcamp.com , which is where you can buy their album ‘And there’s no telling’ from for a small price of 5 euros and you can also follow them on their faceboook page : https://www.facebook.com/thekingofthebees

Wry Climate: Comfort Decay


Every once in a while there comes a song that you can listen to endlessly. A song that you never want should end! Some songs recognize their inherent quality of making an extended period of time seem like just a few seconds and go on for unusually long durations; like some of the Pink Floyd classics did. While some songs belong to the genre of keeping the supply tight, so that the demand is always high and the repeat option always stays checked. The song ‘Comfort Decay’ by New York based alternative rock group ‘Wry Climate’ belongs to the latter category. With dreamy guitars, mellow/muffled/enchanting vocals and a warm fuzzy rhythm, the music creates an atmosphere that feels like a soft warm blanket you want to immerse youself into to keep all the cold, bitterness and reality away. Indulge in some healthy dosage of escapism:

The Blac Swan – Pollock’s Bash


New York based funky nu disco group ‘The Blac Swan’ who we featured late last year have come out with a couple of new tracks lately. Their recent single ‘Pollock’s Bash’ has achieved much success on beatport and other music charts lately and we aren’t surprised. The lovely sudden drops, funky vibes and the overall top notch quality make this a dance floor must-have from the word go. Feel the power:


Another recent track which captured our imagination and made us want to go grab our gear and drive out to nowhere for some unexpected adventure experience was the motivating, adrenalin pumping and absolutely sickeningly groovy ‘Night Drive’: