Young Piff and Sandor – Ain’t no love for asses that don’t shake


Young Piff and Sandor have come up with 2 absolute delights in the last week. First is a super foray into electro for the wild frenzied energy of ‘Shake that Ass’. Have a listen and shake it if you feel it:

And then is this laidback cover of Bobby Blue band’s : Ain’t no love. Very chilled out to start with but gets quite intense as it goes along. Has to be one of their strongest yet:

The Newds : Ready

The Newds, an alternative indie band from Bolton, England have released their new EP titled ‘Ready’ about a fortnight ago. The band comprises Paul Meagher (Vocal / Guitar), Dean Woods (Guitar), Daniel Garthwright (Drums), Tony Sabanskis (keyboard) and John Fallon (Bass).

The EP starts off with the bittersweetly humorous ‘Go Getter’ (video above). If you want to know the true state of a man’s being, look at his shoes and not his clothes.Not that we have Gucci clad supermodels on display here but the tattered Pumas give part of that story away. The self mocking determination is highlighted by the way that the drums are literally hammered and by the free wheeling spirit which lets itself rip through suburban streets pushed along on shopping carts substituting for prams for the not-quite-toddlers-anymore. The satirical lyrics and the fuzzy guitars thoroughly highlight and totally complement the pointlessness of the average existence which we mock ourselves into believing as worthwhile courtesy the media-force-fed images of sunshine and sand and oceans and feet and what-not.

Th next track is Evermore, which I found to be the strongest track on the EP. Great introduction, outstanding rendition of the vocals, soulful lyrics and a profoundly simple drumbeat which astutely captures the not-sure-why-but-it’s-there-kinda-melancholy that some of us may experience from time to time. Take a bow! However, somehow I haven’t been able to find a link to the song anywhere on soundcloud or bandcamp, so I cannot feature it on this post. I have only managed to listen to it via an amazon mp3 download. It is worth the price, nevertheless.

Then the album moves on to ‘Mr. Happy Sunshine’ which reminds me of the track ‘Corporal Clegg’ from the Syd Barret era of Pink Floyd. Some pomp and splendour and a joy to listen to. The EP rounds off with ‘Chasing Shadows’, which almost has a Genesis like feel to it with thankfully not as much of the nasal tone as Phil Collins injected into the vocals. This is a solid track to conclude the EP on a reflective note with sounds that sound more like the music from the last 10 years. Anyhow here are the soundcloud links I could find:

If you like what you hear, I guess you can follow the band via the soundcloud links posted above. Cheers and spread the word!

Park Planet: Alive


Glasgow based althernative rock band ‘Park Planet’, whom we introduced in November, have come out with a new single called Alive. The word Alive forms the title of many legendary songs and this new single from Glasgow has enough potential to place it close to its Pearl Jam namesake. A very single malty smooth classic, with great vocals and some fantastic guitar work going for it; this track makes you want to croon along and lose yourselves in its outstanding melody:

Maxwell Demon: Tears


New York based self styled musician ‘Maxwell Demon’, who we featured a couple of times last year has come up with the perfect combination of melody and distortion in his latest track called ‘Tears’. With great lyrics and a simple yet mesmerising drum beat to boot, this is just what the doctor ordered to cuddle up under your blanket and listen on repeat for this unforgiving winter’s day:

This song, like most of the others posted by Maxwell are legitimately downloadable for free via soundcloud. So feast your ears and spread the word!

Chill Trap

*This post has been re-added due to technical issues!

This ‘Migel – Do You?’ edit but Young Piff and Sandor is so laid back that I might be tempted to use a hammock in these snowy conditions. It takes the cold away from your body but chills out your mind. This is very different from the sound showcased in our earlier post about Young Piff and Sandor, but it is brilliant nevertheless and only goes to show the variety and creativity that they possess. Reggae influnces blend prefectly with the more modern trapstep effects at the perfect tempo to help you forget every care in the world. This one is worth an ounce of gold for every second it plays:

SPC ECO : Push (EP)

UK based father daughter duo ‘SPC ECO’ (pronounced Space Echo) comprising Dean Garcia (formerly Curve, Eurythmics) and Rose Berlin have released their latest EP titled Push. This is a funky, noir, dimension altering, space skewing piece of work which is in one word best described as layered. Like a trifle pudding or a shepherd’s pie, based on your preferences for the sweet or salty, there is much to cherish and bite into. The base lines are solid, rhythms catchy, the programming and percussions are top notch and Rose has such a damningly evocative/seductive voice, that these songs are orgasmic in themselves or alternatively offer perfect background music for such dopamine releases! Go afro in the sac with this aphrodisiac or in one word ‘Push’ ;):

Space Echo usually collaborate with many artistes for their EPs and on this particular one they feature and thank:
Jarek Leskiewicz for his shimmering guitars and Slade Templeton Electronica on Push (Lady Barcelona) Remix. If you like what you hear, purchase this EP for a very attractive price on bandcamp:

Casual Lab – Luigi Gori

what color

Berlin based independent digital music record label have come up with their opening EP for the year. It is titled ‘Closer’ and is a solo release for the artiste Luigi Gori. It features 3 tracks which blend well with each other but also stand out as polished individual works. While the title track ‘Closer’ is a peppy dance number, the refreshing nonchalance and moodiness of ‘My Doubt’ and ‘Cut Cat’, showcase the wide range of sounds, creativity and imagination that this artiste possesses. Here are the three gems:

We are excited about the potential creations by this artiste in the not too distant future and are really looking forward to more! Happy Listening!

Firas Tarhini


It is only fair that our first post in this new year features an artiste from a country which was one of the world’s earliest to witness the start of 2013. And when you hear the work of someone as accomplished in his craft as Firas Tarhini from Australia is, the choice is that much more automatic. With dreamy rhythms, funky pianowork and very crisp yet deep melodies, the future of Gold Coast promises to be bright and shiny. So, we wish you a glorious time in the coming year with this aptly titled new single called Glory:

Glory(the single) is legitimately downloadable using the soundcloud link above for a limited time. And since we really liked Firas’s other work as well, we will leave you to listen to what we consider to be his top track thus far:

If you like the stuff posted above, please support the artiste on facebook at:
Until next time: Cheers, Beers and Fiery Chicken Wings!