The Night

In focus this week is the ‘Indie Rock’ band from down under called ‘The Night’. Having spent some years in Sydney myself and having attended many concerts by the local bands, I always felt that the music there is of such great quality but somehow not that many get famous at the world stage. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few like ‘Wolfmother’, ‘The Vines’, ‘John Butler Trio’ and ‘The Presets’, who have achieved fame since the days of ACDC , but that seems like a small percentage compared to the plethora of great originals you witness at the top floor of ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ on Friday Nights or even simply while having your Sunday Morning Coffee outside Myer’s on Market Street.

What I mean to say is, there is a lot of talent in Australia and ‘The Night’ with their eclectic mix of sounds ranging from violins to electronica are no exception. The vocals are crisp, the production quality is great and the melodies are addictive. Let us start with ‘Medicate Me’, which is a beautiful tune, and incorporates a wide variety of instruments like the trumpet, the flugel horn, the viola, the bass guitar and some electronica. It all blends together beautifully with the acoustic trumpet sound in the background making it perfectly punchy. Have a listen yourself:

The next track I found particularly good is ‘Reassimilate’, which actually sounds like a more acoustic or even a bit folksy ‘GNR’. Very well done and very beautifully sung:

A bit of information about the band: The Night is Aidan Gaspar,  Liam Berry,  Neal Critchley,  Nicola Self,  Scott Allan,  Steve Taylor. And they feature some guest musicians from time to time, to add more dimensions to their sound. From what I could gather, they are based out of Sydney. Their set is available for listening here. The songs are available for purchase on iTunes.

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