Machines are people too

Recommended to me by a good friend, I finally got down to listening to Chattanooga, US-based and imaginatively titled: ‘Machines are people too’. With all the artificial intelligence out-of-the-way, this is a fun, electronic pop band. The songs are slick, catchy, well made and danceable. A pot-pourri of ‘The Killers, ‘Roxette’, ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ kinda sound, if I may take a shot at classification. I can’t think of a better mood to start the Friday night with. Happy listening and a fantastic weekend to you all:

If you like what you hear, they have a website with all possible information about their gigs, free downloads, facebook/twitter/soundcloud/bandcamp links. Have a look, bookmark it, follow them, spread the word, not necessarily in that order ;)!

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