In party we trust!

Ever wondered what’s rocking the Buenos ‘Aer’waves of late? Blackship Records, a young record label and cultural producer from Argentina sent us the links to their groovy first singles collection a few days ago. Before we get to the song and dance, a bit of a description about what Blackship records does:

It was founded by Gabriel Conti a.k.a Bike Warrior,  who is also the founder of  ”In Party We Trust” one of the most popular festivals of EDM in Argentina. This year, ‘In Party we trust’ celebrated their first anniversary and they have a video out on vimeo. The gif posted above is a still from that video and click it if you don’t see the sidey special effects. On the whole, this looks like a great initiative and it certainly seems to be a good idea to hit up one of their parties if you are down in the land of the non-anglo ‘Mate’.

As for the singles, they are five absolute dancefloor petardos in todos but the ones I personally liked the most from the collection are:

Other than that ‘Blackship Records’ and ‘In party we trust’ have numerous channels to be in constant touch with you all. So lap it all up and dance until the Sol comes out of the Soul in the following ways:




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