4 Cities – Tonight

An incredible guitar riff that gets you into the mood right away, super tune: at once hummable, at once danceable! If their last track Ocean was deep, this one is super fun. 4 Cities have surprised me well here..Clearly showcasing the variety they have, this track has everything that makes you wanna dance, swing your head like a zombie on speed, or simply grab the most suitable thing lying in your vicinity and air guitar in front of the slimming mirror on your wardrobe. A great Rap bit in the middle, and fun lyrics that boost your ego, get your adrenaline flowing and make you want to hit on the next pretty young thing you set your eyes on. I might be getting a few sandal/nail marks on my body (not in a good way), but who cares: Tonight, whatever you want!

And again, if you like what you hear, remember that you can register on the 4 Cities website and download all their work for free.

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