Macatier: A year from now


Bristol(UK) based Dan Brown, who goes by the name Macatier and whom we featured in our days of relative infancy has released his first EP a week ago. The songs have all been redone/re-edited/re-mastered and sound much crisper than the earlier uploaded versions. The genre is still upbeat-acoustic, so somehow this product has remained free from all the electronic adulteration, which is a welcome change from the mainstream sound of our times

Now as for the EP, it starts with the groovy, head-bang friendly Boxing Clever, which is reminiscent of the music of John Butler Trio from down under. A solid start, which moves on to the evocative ‘Make it Fast’ which is in the similar ballpark as  Eagle Eye Cherry or Smashmouth or even Barenaked Ladies to an extent. After this, it moves on to a couple of songs which are a bit like the good ones from Matchbox Twenty’s earlier works (Mad Season and earlier). Although he does not quite have the baritone of a Rob Thomas, the voice is strong, has a good range and a distinctive identity. Plus, he is really young and the voice will only get deeper with time. As for the finish comes the lyrical ‘Write Words, Write Time’, which has a strong rhythm and the wonderful line ‘It paints me as I am’ in it. So without further ado, listen to the EP and download it legitimately yourselves from here.

My personal favourites from the EP:

Make it Fast:

Hiding in plain sight: this also inspired my album art attempt posted above ;).

Write words, write time:


Feeling the fire, riding the fast lane


Allison Attal, featured here last month, has come out with an exciting collab with Mexican DJ/Producer Daniel Menzzar. The fruit of this loom is the poetic, lyrical, symphonic, melodious, catchy, frenzied and seriously addictive tack called ‘Insane’. Written, sung and produced with some gusto and chutzpah, this 90’s inspired dance track is quite possibly the single of the month:


In party we trust!

Ever wondered what’s rocking the Buenos ‘Aer’waves of late? Blackship Records, a young record label and cultural producer from Argentina sent us the links to their groovy first singles collection a few days ago. Before we get to the song and dance, a bit of a description about what Blackship records does:

It was founded by Gabriel Conti a.k.a Bike Warrior,  who is also the founder of  ”In Party We Trust” one of the most popular festivals of EDM in Argentina. This year, ‘In Party we trust’ celebrated their first anniversary and they have a video out on vimeo. The gif posted above is a still from that video and click it if you don’t see the sidey special effects. On the whole, this looks like a great initiative and it certainly seems to be a good idea to hit up one of their parties if you are down in the land of the non-anglo ‘Mate’.

As for the singles, they are five absolute dancefloor petardos in todos but the ones I personally liked the most from the collection are:

Other than that ‘Blackship Records’ and ‘In party we trust’ have numerous channels to be in constant touch with you all. So lap it all up and dance until the Sol comes out of the Soul in the following ways:




Canned Applause : Run Oh My Heart


This week’s feature is for a band called Canned Applause from Germany. It started as a 4 member band somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin, but at the moment is a solo project based out of Jena. The ‘einzel’ band member is Wieland Mikolajczyk. He describes canned applause as a journey with a quest for Polyphony and Harmony.

As for the music, what I heard sounds very promising, especially the new track ‘Run Oh My Heart’, which has a strong bass, catchy vibe, easy vocals, great lyrics and a lilting melody:

More songs are available at the band’s soundcloud page or on their website. Additionally, you can follow the band on facebook. All the songs are legitimately downloadable for no extra cost except your time and love. As with all matters of the heart: The possibilities are endless, hic!

4 Cities – Tonight

An incredible guitar riff that gets you into the mood right away, super tune: at once hummable, at once danceable! If their last track Ocean was deep, this one is super fun. 4 Cities have surprised me well here..Clearly showcasing the variety they have, this track has everything that makes you wanna dance, swing your head like a zombie on speed, or simply grab the most suitable thing lying in your vicinity and air guitar in front of the slimming mirror on your wardrobe. A great Rap bit in the middle, and fun lyrics that boost your ego, get your adrenaline flowing and make you want to hit on the next pretty young thing you set your eyes on. I might be getting a few sandal/nail marks on my body (not in a good way), but who cares: Tonight, whatever you want!

And again, if you like what you hear, remember that you can register on the 4 Cities website and download all their work for free.

Det mekaniska undret: Olika Sidor Av Staden, Sockerbruket

Swedish musician Andreas Österberg who goes by the name of Det mekaniska undret, came up with the novel and unexplored question : What do people listen to when they travel by public transport?. This was the inspiration for him to create a music album based on the route covered by Tram 11 in his city Gothenburg, which has the most extensive tram network in Scandinavia. The concept is great and the execution even better. Each station on the track gets a sing and some also get a video. As is with every city, every neighbourhood or every phase of the journey has a distinctive mood or flavor which has been beautifully captured by Andreas’s music. I cannot follow the vocals, as I don’t understand Swedish, but if you ever needed an example of music being free from the barriers of language, this is your album A sample of the music on offer in the album:

The whole video-playlist for the album is there on youtube and can be viewed by clicking:

The whole album is there for listening on soundcloud and the videos/music/artwork can all be downloaded legit for free from:

All this happened a year ago, but more recently Andreas has come up with a shoegazy track called Sockerbruket. This is strikingly different from his earlier work and kicks serious arse. It starts off slowly with a delayed oscillating buildup and then the drums kick in at the perfect instant followed by the bare essential distorted vocal sounds. This then leads us to the part where the flangey guitar/high-pitched piano comes in and as a final addition to complete this flavorsome recipe, we have the wonderful garnishing of the keyboards. I especially liked the part where after the drop the song changes texture and then ends with a wonderful screechy sound. Enough said, listen and enjoy:

Rehearsed Living

The soundcloud weekly weather report has brought the British Band ‘Rehearsed Living’ on my radar about half an hour ago. Am mighty impressed by the shoegazy/easy feel of their songs and  vocals which sound like, in the words inspired by Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ : ‘like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!”.

Some samples of the the aforementioned gorgeousness and gorgeousity:

The songs posted above and many more gems can be downloaded from their soundcloud page and you can also follow them on facebook at:


Eluusif: I love my Daft Punk

The most important piece of music you will hear all year with lyrics as soulful as the stray pieces of crispy bacon between the burger bread and the bun, and a Daft Punk inspired but suitably adjusted vibe to match the delicious vocals accompanying this symphonic masterpiece:

My jeans are pre shrunk

I love my Daft Punk

Need I say any more?

To understand the mindset of the artiste view the video, which is a fight between aliens, robots and a princess:

The song at the moment is legitamately downloadable from the souncloud link posted above and the artiste also has a website: which you can like on facebook and stuff to stay updated with his stuff.


Hiatus & Shura: Lionesque


This song is just so beautiful, melancholic, sexy, brilliant and many more adjectives only trying to appreciate its surreal charm. Words can’t do justice but the image above (with a few words) partially reflects my true feelings about this! On my 6th repeat now and am not remotely tired of it, sigh!

Enjoy the song and download it for free by following the path:


4 Cities : Ocean


Another band we featured last month, 4 Cities has come up with a brand new track called Ocean! The track has a great tune and the vocals deserve a special mention on this one! I can’t put my finger on the style but it really is a blend of many. There are passing similarities between this song and some of the works of Bowie/Joy Division/The Cure but then it metamorphoses regularly to something else. Anyhow, it is an accomplished piece of work and 4 Cities deserve a pat on their backs for following up the earlier super singles ‘Highway’ and ‘Quiet Bullets’ with this masterpiece!

The song:

If you like what you hear, remember that you can register on the 4 Cities website and download all their work for free.

Cheers and for those of you in Germany, wish you a very Happy Reunification day for tomorrow!