Allison Attal

Beautiful Haunting!

One good thing leads to another! And some beauty is ageless, timeless! As the manufacturer of my Jeans (Levis = Product Placement after ages!) says, ‘Quality never goes out of style’! All that I quote can be attributed to the happy accident of discovering the independent work of Allison Attal (the vocalist of the track Translucent in July, featured on my last post). With a voice that is a unique blend of Nadia Ali and  possibly Madonna, with a range of its own and a quirkiness which is both fresh and endearing, she has managed to make me applaud some genres of music which are normally not at the tops of my playlists.

I shall start with the smooth, jazzy track: ‘The Fall’. Enjoy it for its soulfulness, and dreamy hauntiness (if that’s a word) :

Next, is some wonderful work on the synth with great vocals (as always); this track has a mind of its own and works big time:

If you like what you hear, pay her a visit on her soundcloud or like her facebook page. She is good on the eyes too ;)!

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