Heaven, Hell and everything in between

A week or so ago, I was out for dinner with a few friends when I ordered a juicy beef burger. Now, the religion that I belong to ( and don’t follow one bit), disallows eating any beef. So, my friend said: ‘You are so going to hell!’. I smiled then, but it started a few trains of thought. What I felt was, that since there are so many religions and so many different ways to go to so many different heavens or hells (ergo, don’t eat beef, or don’t eat pork, or be vegetarian, or what not), then isn’t it only logical that if I don’t end up in the heaven of my religion, I could potentially end up in some other heaven of a religion, which could be potentially be at some ideological war with mine. Since, as we all know religions are anything but friendly to one another. As, I took a few more bites of that sumptuous burger and let some of the bacon mix with the beef in my mouth to create the taste only the saltines of bacon intermingled with the juices of beef can, I felt buoyed by my quest for and success at science and chemistry respectively. So I began to think about purgatory, or the place where according to some religions a soul is stuck when he is not good enough to go to heaven or bad enough to go to hell. So imagine the horror of a poor biker who belonged to a cult called ‘Hell’s Riders’ or whatever, and they listen to all this heavy metal and tattoo themselves with the number ‘666’ (which incidentally is what my phone number ends in ). Ok, so imagine that this biker gets up there and the authorities say, ‘Sorry mate you aren’t badass enough for hell, so you need to prove your affinity one way or another, by being stuck in purgatory till we evaluate your true path’. What a disappointment of a life it must be for him in that case, right!

Which brought me to my life lesson for the week:  ‘Don’t ever do shit in a half-hearted or a pseudo way! Take a stand, don’t sit on the fucking fence, unless you like others making decisions for you! Start a religion, buy a DSLR camera (which I have been avoiding due to the expenses involved)! Till when can you continue to super-edit pics of lampshades in your house by multiple phone apps, to resemble the masterpiece above , Hic !’

And we also have a song :

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