The speak-easy place past the Techno Prosties

When you visit the same bar every Friday night for 4 weekends in a row, I believe it deserves a mention! The place in question is Fire Bar, Berlin, tucked away in a basement on Krausnickstrasse, Hackesher Markt. It is strategically located opposite a Hospital and also very close to the junction of Kraunickstrasse with the ever poppular Oranienburger Strasse, which is always adorned with prostitutes dressed in armor like plastic with peculiar huge pastel colored platform boots. I like the place because of its cheap as hell long drinks (cuba libre for 4 euros anyone?), soft but beautiful music which is always audible but never disrupts your conversations, sink in comfortable leather couches, super friendly staff and the 70s vibe. Last but not the least the place is always filled with super-characters; the bar-tendresses are sexy in a geometric way with unique haircuts and dressing styles outta prodigy music videos, but more than anything everyone there is warm and friendly. Last evening I overheard two British guys giving someone the directions to the place on the telephone. They described it as ‘Come to the speak-easy place past the Techno Prosties’..Couldn’t describe it any better :)! I dedicate the following song to the place , its staff and its patrons:

Towers (Slow Hands)

This is just the best song to have come out in quite a while! Slow Hands has come up with this super cover of the song Towers by Bon Iver. Truth be told this more of a redux than a simple ‘Cover’, like Slow Hands aka Josh puts it modestly in the song title and something I have curiously missed including in the title of this blogpost. So have a listen, download it for free while its available , and feel the summer vibe coming on!

Yin and Yang……………with a caffeine kick

So for the last few weeks, I have been incessantly sharing the new awesome possibilities that the digital revolution has brought into our lives. But right now when the weather is grey and I am curled up in my crumpled blanker with a hot Cuppa, grungy acoustic seems to fit the mood. Always striving to attain the perfect analog/digital balance, I have discovered some raw music which is as everlasting and not nearly as frustrating  as the lack of sunshine in Berlin.The artiste for today is The Always Unprofessional, who is achtually Joff from Larry’s Bar and Grill (UK). By his own self description he is not really an artiste but a normal guy who writes songs and a lot of stories. Everything is recorded with one laptop, one lead and either a guitar, a mic or a keyboard controller.

As always, if you like what you here, spread the joy and like the artiste on soundcloud: