One of the main proponents of the current slow-mo and sultry house revolution, Slow Hands aka Ryan Cavanagh is an organic specialist. His rich yet languid style bares all the hallmarks of the classical and compositional training he has had, whilst everything from jazz to blues to trippy electronica inform the New Yorker’s well honed production palette. Highly recommended amongst his other works  would be ‘Rough Patch’ and ‘Kreuzberg Blues’ from 2011.

I came across another great track by him today done four months ago, This is the Slow Hands edit for the Richie Havens Classic: Going Back to My Roots:

For more aural pleasures listen to the old maestro himself having a go at it himself :

Mush I do about nothing!

Let it never be said the romance is dead! Fresh on the horizon is some ‘Romantic Pop House’, a genre I never heard about until I came across this Patty Kay ‘fluffy’ remix of a song called Out of Mind by Thomas and Scholz. The original and the remix are both mindblowing, heartwarming, mildly candyfloss in a good way. For some added sweetness in your lives minus the calories:

Maya Jane Coles

Half Brit, Half Jap, with music thats as delicious and surreal as a Manga Pie! Partly Jazz, partly house this new track from the MJC, ‘Producer of the Year 2011 -DJ Mag’ is to your ears what Mona Lisa is supposed to be for your eyes. Even if (like me), you believe that the Mona Lisa is overrated, noone can deny the perfect blend of vibes in this track. Perfect for a nice evening wind down with a glass of Talisker before heading to the party, or alternatively just at dawn if you aren’t too drunk to care for the music. Without further ado:



Have had a dreamy, lazy-eyed week! Tried to spice things up a bit by watching the new Avengers flick last evening. Sadly superheroes are so not my genre, I managed a nap even in the midst of all the 3D action.What better way to end it than to listen to some dreamy music? The artist in focus is Portland based Blouse. And rather than painting it, they simply choose to drift Into Black: