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This week’s post is dedicated to one of favourite digital musicians of today: Goldroom. Goldroom is actually Josh Pegg from LA and specializes in originals, remixes and mixes. The music is distinctive in a way that I can say, its Goldroom’s work but in no way is it repititive. The image in my head that usually associates itself with the sound of Goldroom’s music is ‘chilling around on a beach, not taking a dip, soaking in the sun and the sand but yet there is some inherent melancholic longing at the back of your mind’..

Without further ado, here are couple of my favourites:


Morgan’s Bay:


We can dance – Lancelot

Red Light – Gigamesh

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He may not have the moves like Jagger, but he sure don’t screech like Bieber!

The song for today is by this immensely promising 15 year old called Ben Egginton from Faringdon, UK. The lyrics, sound and overall maturity of the piece is well beyond his years. The kids these days, they surely don’t make them like they used to, but maybe thats not such a bad thing. Have a listen yourself:

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Pardon Ms. Arden


Pardon Ms. Arden is a Munich-based band. Pardon Ms. Arden play indie pop music that is fresh, exciting and emotional. Nick. Tom. Alex. Franz. Guitar. Bass. Drums. Keys. Nothing more. Nothing less. Dance! Sing along! Have a good time! Tell your friends!

I shall leave you here with their redux of the ancient Haddaway classic ‘What is love’..


If you are into house music, do not miss this promising talent from Pennsylvania who goes by the name of Forekast. Forekast is actually a 22 year old DJ and label owner called Darren Ross who (according to his self description) makes music and stuff. All tracks are available for free downloads at soundcloud. I particularly liked the track posted below:

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